SL-5000e Elevate Slit Lamp

One slit lamp for all patient types and sizes

Introducing the HAI SL-5000e Elevate Slit Lamp, the world‘s first slit lamp redesigned from the ground up to meet the challenge of examining plus-sized patients, small patients, young children, and patients with limited mobility.

The SL-5000e puts the power and features of a traditional slit lamp on a streamlined foundation. By raising the first point of contact between patient and tabletop to the upper chest, the patient can comfortably reach the chinrest and the operator can conduct a thorough exam.


  • American quality design and engineering
  • Premium German-made optics
  • Superior image clarity through precision alignment
  • Five levels of magnification from 6-40x
  • Infinite illumination adjustment knob on base
  • Compatible with Zeiss-style tonometers
  • Background illumination add-on available
  • High-resolution digital video and photo imaging available

Demo Video

Benefits for Patients

  • Slit lamp and table bypass abdomen and mid-chest regions
  • Do not have to bend forward or lower head to reach chinrest
  • Reduced strain and improved comfort


Eyepiece: 12.5x
Slit angle: 0-160°
Slit width: 0-9mm
Aperture diameter: 9mm, 8mm, 5m, 3mm, 2mm, 1mm, 0mm
Joystick-controlled height: ±15mm
Illumination: Halogen lamp, 12v 30w
Filters: Heat absorption, gray, red-free, cobalt blue
Power: 110/220v – 60/50Hz

Installation Requirements

  • Minimum of 25″ allowable distance between seat of exam chair and surface of arm-mounted tabletop required to accommodate patients up to 6’6″ tall
  • Instrument 1800-CBstand must be placed on right side of chair (from operator’s point of view)
  • Recommended model: S4OPTIK 1800-CB Chair & Stand Combo