HAI Labs is advancing ophthalmic technology

Headquartered in Boston, MA, we are an ISO 13485:2003-certified U.S. manufacturer of ophthalmic equipment and imaging systems – designing, building and delivering state of the art products since 1996.

Domestic customers can buy straight from the source at greatly discounted prices through our unique Manufacturer Direct Sale program. Ask around: our prices are as much as 30% to 50% lower than other vendors.

We support eye banks, hospitals, universities and private clinics around the world with our professional installation, on-site training and validation services, all performed by in-house expert personnel.

With our rent and rent-to-own options, you minimize up-front investment by converting capital spending into affordable monthly payments. Plus, you get to try equipment before committing to a purchase.

We offer free product demos and training at ten major ophthalmology and optometry conferences each year. Can’t make it to a meeting? Call us at (781) 862-9884 for a phone consultation.

Order ophthalmic microsurgical instruments, motorized stands, portable devices, product accessories and parts from our secure online store and enjoy flat-rate shipping right to your doorstep.

Our philosophy

HAI Labs employs a user-driven manufacturing process, which means every single product in our lineup exist because our customers asked us to provide it to them, often because the other company would do so. We help users save money and resources by designing modular equipment that is easily upgraded as well as integrated into existing systems. We are the only manufacture able to design and build a custom specular microscopes for any purpose. Our talented R&D team specializes in rapid iteration and release cycles, bringing new and innovative products to market at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.


Popular Products

You’re the Boss: User-Driven Development

Every piece of equipment in our product line exists because our customers specifically asked us to provide it to them. We help users save money and resources by specializing in modular products that are easily upgraded and integrated into existing systems.