A timeline of firsts

Since our founding in 1996, HAI Labs has been the first in many achievements in the field.

1996: First company to design an eye bank specular microscope with a 400×500μm FOV without distortion.
1996: First to release a complete eye bank cell analysis system, with VGA display, network-capability and running on Windows.
1997: First to release an electronic image management system for the ophthalmology field.
1997: First and only manufacturer of custom-made specular laboratory scopes fitted to any size study, for human or animal subjects.
1998: Mouse cornea seen for the first time, in a study using our microscopes.
1999: First to make available the digital slit lamp with image management system, which was used in an NIH study the same year.

Notable releases

In recent years, we have continued to expand our product line, with the following notable releases:

2000 – HAI SL-5000 Slit Lamp System
2001 – Multiple-use surgical instruments and the opening of our online store
2004 – Disposable surgical instruments and custom kits
2009 – HAI CL-1000nc and CL-1000eva Non-Contact Specular Microscope and Slit Lamp Attachment following acquisition of German manufacturing firm