CAS/EB Cell Analysis System

Endothelial Cell Analysis for Eye Banks

The HAI CAS / EB Cell Analysis System is first software suite designed specifically with eye banks in mind. The most accurate, efficient. and widely used software on the market, its analysis functions include cell density, polymegathism, pleomorphism, statistical, histogram, and correlation analysis. Its database contains fields for all information needed for eye banking, including donor, recipient, billing, and slit lamp data. It has a large search engine for any study and runs EBAA-compliant reports.

Features of HAI CAS / EB 2.20 XP

• Windows XP-compatible
• Real-time magnified endothelial imaging
• Live image enhancement on screen
• Zoom in/out function
• Pixel-based calibration validation
• 640×480 full resolution bmp images
• Import/export images
• Internet/intranet capability
• Generate multiple reports
• Laser printout on plain paper

Cell Analysis Methods

• Automatic cell count with border overlay
• Variable frame cell count
• Cell density, polymegathism, pleomorphism, distance
• Statistical, histogram, and correlation analysis

Interfaces with