AB-6200 Ultrasonic Scans


The HAI AB-6200 is a color ultrasonic A/B scan for use in ophthalmology. It is compact, easy to use, and a comprehensive solution for any practice.

Features of the AB-6200

  • B, B+B, B+A, and A functions
  • Zoom from 34-60mm
  • 15” color LCD screen
  • High resolution
  • Post-capture image processing
  • Variable display area
  • Adjustable TGC
  • Cineloop for 5.6 seconds
  • Real-time clock
  • Multi-groups of calipers for distance measurement
  • Variable area measurement
  • Immersion mode measurement
  • Save up to 50 groups for measurement results
  • Full-screen character note
  • Touchpad for easy measurement and operation
  • Store up to 8 images in memory


Image output: Video printer or HAI IMS / CL
Power supply: AC 110/220v, 60/50Hz
Dimensions: 460 x 420 x 80mm
Weight: 22lb (10kg)