Surgical microscope for eye banks

Designed for use by two operators, the HAI SM-8200 Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope features premium German optics for bright and balanced observation during corneal pre-cutting procedures. Fine motorized control of zoom, focus and XY positioning allows completely hands-free operation, while multiple lockable angles of the arm and optic head permit the SM-8200 to fit within a variety of laminar flow hoods.
The integration of apochromatic lenses ensures optimum coaxial illumination and color correction for an exceptionally clear field of view.


Eyepiece magnifications: 12.Sx /18B
Objective lens: f=200
Working distance: 170mm
Main magnification: 4.6x-27x continuous
Assistant magnification: 6x, 10x, 16x  
Field diameter: 8.5-46mm  
Pupil distance: 45mm-80mm main, 50mm-75mm assist.
Diopter adjustment : ±7D
Maximum resolution: 119 LP/mm 
Assistant focusing range: 30mm Illumination type: 6° + coaxial ilium. 26° oblique ilium. 
Illumination source: 12V/100W halogen  
Coaxial illumation: 80,000lx, 1-9 levels
Oblique illumination: 60,000lx, 1-9 levels
Fine focus speed and range: 2mm/s, 50mm 
XV speed and range: mm/s, 50x50mm