The refined, double-binocular operating microscope

Designed for two operators, the HAI SM-8000 Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope features premium, German optics for bright and finely balanced observation during surgical procedures. The integration of apochromatic lenses ensures optimum coaxial illumination and color correction for an exceptionally clear field of view.

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Eyepiece magnifications: 12.Sx /18B
Objective lens: f=200
Working distance: 170mm
Main magnification: 4.6x-27x continuous
Assistant magnification: 6x, 10x, 16x  
Field diameter: 8.5-46mm  
Pupil distance: 45mm-80mm main, 50mm-75mm assist.
Diopter adjustment : ±7D
Maximum resolution: 119 LP/mm 
Assistant focusing range: 30mm Illumination type: 6° + coaxial ilium. 26° oblique ilium. 
Illumination source: 12V/100W halogen  
Coaxial illumation: 80,000lx, 1-9 levels
Oblique illumination: 60,000lx, 1-9 levels 
Fine focus speed and range: 2mm/s, 50mm 
XV speed and range: 2mm/s, 50x50mmm